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Re: The Tomato Dilemma: What kinds should I plant?

I agree with both of you on Sun Gold, but I didn't have good luck with Yellow Pear. They just didn't taste great, especially next to Sun Gold, which are amazingly sweet and very prolific. But I have to say yellow pear is gorgeous, and a great addition to a multicolor/shape salad. It's important to remember that tomatoes from different gardens will taste different too. They just don't like my garden:( I love green zebra, but some describe them as acidic. In my garden they're really very sweet. San Marzano was really tasty, but I only got one tomato that I could eat. They were the only plants in my garden to be destroyed by late blight last year and for that reason I'm exploring other paste tomatoes.
Although there are great determinate varieties for growing in pots, I love growing big indeterminate cherry varieties in big pots. I let them get tangled up in the railing on my front steps and guests can snack as they come in the house. As you both mentioned though, you need some pretty big pots for the root system of these guys.
It's nice to hear about varieties I'm not familiar with, like Isis Candy. I'll have to add that to my list of tomatoes I want to grow in my life. The list is already 75 varieties long, and this year I'm knocking 26 varieties off of the list (all from seed). Only one of the 26 is a repeat from last year, Black Krim. Last year, Black Krim produced plenty of beautiful sweet tomatoes, and it wasn't even in a very sunny spot! For me it's a favorite in salsa. The others are just varieties I've read about, I have reasons for growing each one, but this would be a book if I wrote about each, so just ask if you are curious about any.
Here's the list for this year's garden:
Regular fresh eating Tomatoes:
Yellow Brandywine, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Speckled Peach, Peach Blow Sutton (fuzzy and sweet like a peach), Black Krim, Aunt Gerties Gold, Jaune Flamme, Marvel Striped Zapotec, Schelenberg's Favorite
Paste Tomatoes:
Goldman's Italian American, Purple Russian, Opalka
Short season/Early Tomatoes (great for pots):
Bloody Butcher, Tiny Tim (cutest tomato plant ever!), Siletz, Buckbee's new 50 day, Beli Naliv, Stupice, Manitoba, Oregon Spring
Cherry Tomatoes:
Blondkopfchen, Black Cherry, Matt's Wild Cherry (not far removed from real wild tomatoes)
Weird (I just had to see it for myself) Tomatoes:
Reisetomate (seriously, look it up), Schimmeig Striped Hollow

Re: QUESTION: Fishy Fertilizers - Is Mercury a Concern?

This tells you the mercury levels in different brands. I think the amount of mercury in the product depends on the type of fish used, and I think the amount of mercury absorbed depends on the type of plant you're growing.