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Re: 2013 Design of Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden

I was wondering how large an area each of the 4 o'clock plants cover? I really like the confidential idea too. Do you plant in the holes? Im wondering if strawberries would work. I'm also in the NE. Vermont. Leah

Re: How to Grow Saffron Crocus

By leaves I was referring to leaf mulch. Sorry for the confusion.

Re: How to Grow Saffron Crocus

I planted saffron crocus corns here in Vermont 5 years ago. All I've needed to do is take away the leaves so the blooms can grow. We moved and my new corns arrived today. Im planting 100 of them so I can share a little with some of my foodie friends. Saffron in the garden, regular crocus in the yard.