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Re: How to Grow Artichokes

Since artichokes like a lot of water and fertilizer I've had remarkable success with manure tea steeped in a 20 gallon plastic trash can, then feeding each plant a gallon of tea every morning.

Tea: Put in 3 or 4 shovels of bagged cow manure into an old pillow case then tie it onto a rope and hang it into the trash container filled with water. Let it steep a couple of days. For an easy dipper, cut a hole near the top of an empty ½ gal. milk jug.

FYI: The Sea Harvest Restaurant in Moss Landing, California serves a delicious pre-cored artichoke dish. Somehow they scoop out all the soft center leaves and the fuzz, then reshape it all back into its natural pyramid form. Simple to peel and so good to eat.