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Re: Rabbit Manure in the Garden

We are preparing our garden beds and green house soil now - we are brand new to gardening and have a really large green house to get started with.

I have a local farmer who feeds their rabbits organic non gmo pellets from Ranchway and Timothy hay so I assume their rabbit manure is going to be excellent!

My questions is this, mixed in with their rabbit poo is pine wood shavings and hay - I think the hay is ok but I have heard that the pine shavings are not.

Would I need to sort through the bags of cage cleanings and remove the pine wood shavings or not?

If I do remove, will the poo still have some on it?

Any tips would be helpful .. also can someone give me an idea of how much rabbit manure to mix in with how much dirt for a good mix to grow veggies - and does it matter which veggies is the mix different depending on what veggie?