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Re: Rabbit Manure in the Garden

I agree 100%. I own and foster rabbits and really like their fertilizer. As a general rule, rabbits are a clean animal and they tend not to carry diseases (they are either healthy, or they are dead, with very little period in between). Any sort of disease transmission to humans is notably rare versus other animals like chickens in which it is anything but. In terms of house rabbits, health can be ensured, which is even better than commercial fertilizer as you know your source is clean in an area where disease transmission is possible if the source is not well.

For plants that like a 15-15-15 (which seems almost everything when used in moderation) I have had exceptional results. With that said, the most dramatic aspect is that unlike most other poops, rabbit poop does not tend to overwhelm more sensitive plants and "burn" them, even if the quantity being used is significant. For more delicate plants, this is a major plus.

For organic farmers, the plus is that you know 100% your fertilizer is organic, where-as there really is no surefire way to know on commercial fertilizer anyway you look at it. Well, at least in most cases...sometimes my rabbits do steal chicken from me or eat a stray bug or four, but that's beside the point. They do make awesome pets too…yes, you can even train them to poop on your plants on command.