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Why can't I grow squash?

Lots of blossoms, a few squash.

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Re: Summer Reading

Have read many positive views of this book. I'm thinking I need it! :)

Re: Chocolate Mint Brownies

Just stumbled across this - last year I had an abdunance of Choc Mint, so I dried it and I think I'll use it in this recipe. I also made some vanilla ice cream and added the fresh choc mint and it was, well pretty spectacular!

Thanks for the recipe.

Re: Rooftop Refuge in the Asphalt Jungle


Re: How to Grow Superb Summer Squash

I'm one of those rare breeds that can't grow squash. I even have that question on this site. Sad, but true. I'm tenacious (sp?) though; I'm gonna have home grown squash come hell or high water! :)

Re: Why can't I grow squash?

Okay - I'm doing the ronniejo and it is quite enjoyable, and I have a pomegranate tree planted near the squash with a ton of bees on it and my cherry toms are growing like weeds. Some squash is coming through but some are still shriveling and dieing. Also my leaves are pretty dried up. Hubby's thinks it's not getting enough water - well when I increase irrigation (by me) I get more loss. Still looking for your advice.

Thanks to rhowdy for your comment.

Thanks very much! Happy summer.

Re: Beyond Basil Pesto

I love curly parsley, even though most cooks/chefs use Italian parsely now-a-days, made some parsley pesto. It was tasty, not like the basil pesto that I grew up eating and making but it was a great twist on the old standard. I gotta google nettles - I'm not familiar with them at all.

Re: Give Your Vegetables a Thai Twist

I love Thai food and gardening! Thanks for all these wonderful tips. I'd love to have lemongrass in my garden. Just recently invested in some fish sauce to try my hand at Asian cooking instead of Thai Kitchen in a box. :)

Re: Why can't I grow squash?

Thanks all - 1st it's not a rain problem. I live in the SF bay area and yes, don't water leaves. This year hubby cut out the bottom of the wine barrel and that seems to help a bit. ronniejo - your solution sounds promising and fun. I'll start today.