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Re: A Freestanding Tomato Trellis Improves Yields and Keeps the Garden Neat

I agree...the more visual the better. Wonderful idea. I would love to try this set up... Can more photos and instructions still be added? Thank you.

Re: Build a Potting Bench

Could you include a itemized list of all the pieces, cut to size? It would make it easier when I am ready to buy all the items needed at the store.

Also, if you could include a drawing or two of the steps so beginner level carpenters could better visualize how they fit together mare precisely? It is a beautiful potting bench, one that I want to build. The more photos per step help me. Thank you so much for including this on your website.

Re: Build a Potting Bench

Woud it be possible to include an itemized list of the pieceds,

Re: Video: Mini Hoop House for your Raised Garden Bed

Excellent! So easy to make and use. Appears very easy to store during the summer, if you take it apart for storage.
I will definitely make these once I build my raised beds.