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Re: Growing Persimmons

Thank you for your well written and helpful article. I planted a Fuyu two years ago after purchasing and eating Fuyu Persimmons from our Costco store. What a wonderful late season treat. I was surprised last year to see the squarish white blossoms appear in late spring. The blossoms are beautiful and unique. However, I was not prepare to see so many of them drop off and not produce fruit. I only harvested two Fuyu's last fall. We live in northern Utah (Zone 7) and I feared that perhaps the tree had died during a rather harsh winter (I even wrapped this young tree), but this spring it finally budded out and is producing good growth. I'm hoping that the tree will continue to grow and eventually produce lots of fruit. I absolutely love this beautiful and unique fruit. Your article mentions that persimmons are slowing growing trees and that is helpful to know. I will try to be patient. Thank you once again for your informative article.