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Re: Wineberries

I used to pick wild wineberries in SE Pennsylvania, generally mid July through the first week of August. My first picking I would sometimes come across late wild black raspberries, and my late picking I would find some early wild blackberries. No matter how hot I wore good socks and hiking shoes, heavy jeans, a cotton t-shirt, and a lightweight longsleeve shirt--because of various prickers and poison ivy. Then I would go swimming afterwards! I used a recipe for raspberry-peach jam (I believe it was a 50% mix), subbed wineberries and apricots (no need to remove skin), and made my family happy at Christmas with the results.

I found this after googling wineberry on the Mother Earth News (July 2009):

"In case you don't happen to live in an area where wineberries flourish, you'll be glad to know that it's possible to purchase plants by mail from seed companies. One firm that offers the wineberry is Burpee (Dept. TMEN, 300 Park Avenue, Warminster, Pennsylvania 18991). The folks there will sell you one plant for $5.25,_ five for $8.95, and ten for $14.75 . . . plus a $1.00 handling charge per order. Burpee advises that the bushes grow best in Zones 5 through 8.J"