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Re: QUESTION: Dimple rot spots on tomatoes

For most of my tomato issues, I use a sulfur spray once a week. I dont usually have tomato problems even in the humid south because of this. Keep all diseased leaves picked off the plants and dont compost them to avoid harboring the diseases.

For bug issues AND fungal issues on edibles, there is a natural spray mix called Orchard Spray at HomeDepot. Contains pyrethrins (chrysanthemum extract) to kill bugs and sulfur for fungal protection. Spray in evening to avoid bees.

Re: QUESTION: Zucchini Pests: Help! What Are They and How to I Kill Them?

I treat them as I do Japanese Beetles. I walk around with a cup of hot soapy water and gently knock them into it. Then I flush it down the toilet. Seems to do pretty well.

Re: QUESTION: Dimple rot spots on tomatoes

Looks like anthracnose to me. I sometimes get it this time of year when we have lots of rain. But this year has been pretty dry.

Go to these professional sites for more info:


Because it is easy to get here in the humid south, I always use a sulfur spray on my veggies once a week beginning in early summer to prevent it as summer wears on. Seems to work well for me.
i also daily remove any yellowed or spotted leaves on the plant before the fungus has a chance to spread. I do this when I pick fruit.

Re: QUESTION: Why are cucumbers so bitter?

Try lemon cucumbers. They are NEVER EVER bitter.

Re: What Causes Bitter Cucumbers?

After trying several kinds of cucumbers and always having bitter ones, (and I mean always) I found the lemon cucumber which is NEVER bitter. They are always delicious. Never have to peel 'em. I suggest trying these!