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Re: QUESTION: Ants in the garden

"Ecosmart" has a Ant and Roach killer. You can find it at Home Depot or Loews. This product is safe around kids and animals and won't harm the environment. All ecosmart product are great!

Another product to use is called:
"Diatomaceous Earth" Also safe for all.
It's a powder.

Re: Country Pea Soup with Rosemary

The recipe sounds great. I have a similar recipe also using rosemary.
A wonderful herb to use in a pea soup! The recipe I have also adds some fresh/frozen peas and a little lemon at the end. There is always room to play with any recipe!!!

Re: Video: Composting Made Easy

I made my triple compost bins from Pallets ( those portable wooden platforms that are used for storing and moving large cargo, bricks...)
To avoid food scraps, leaves and other things to fall out, I lined the inside with chicken wire. It works great.