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Re: Attack of the Killer Pumpkins

Hi well I know this was posted awhile ago but this made me smile yeah I planted the so called killer pumpkins in my garden too and yes they took over and over and well you get it! But happy to say even so we got big Orange pumpkins and even some veggies made it out alive!

Re: 9 Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden

A White picket fence! is always a nice feature in the yard, It shows the way to a happy place in your own special yard. Yes veggies are good for the young and the older ones too!

Re: 9 Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden

Hello to all gardeners! Heirlooms Hummmm how do we go back to the basics of seeds!!! very easily put them in the ground and let nature show them the way. I look to nature for help this is the best way to go to let nature take control why? because you will be healthier for it! no sprays no chemicals, Oh the beautiful bugs, frogs, birds, well you get the idea. Heirlooms the word alone says wholesome. In the garden their is happiness just out your back door!