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Re: Tools for Working the Soil

Great article. I know I couldn't do my gardening without my garden fork. It has to be the most versitle tool out there. Unlike Joe's, mine has a full length handle that lets me get a better lever action going. In fact, I make sure that all of my tools have long handles for the same reason. Maybe it's because I'm a woman, but they make the work easier for me, especially the shovels. Being able to use two hands and arms at various distances from one another is easier for me when I'm moving dirt or compost. My D-handle tools usually stay in the shed.

One tool I use that Joe didn't mention is a garden trowel. I couldn't work in my vegetable garden without it. Although it's harder on my back than the garden fork, I love to do a final mix of my soil amendments with a trowel. I don't really need to do that, but I it's something I enjoy. Remember those mud pies we made as kids? I like getting up close and personal with my soil.