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Re: QUESTION: Guinea Pig Poop as Garden Fertilizer?

Many years ago, we had a guinea pig named Fred. His box was in the kitchen as it was the warmest place in the 100+ yr old house in which we lived. So whenever I opened the frig, he would
whistle in hopes of getting a treat. Most days he got lucky.
His poop was definitely black/brown gold! I would dump his leavings/bedding (usually shredded newspaper)in the garden. One year these large tomatoes plants started growing where none had ever grown before (under the shade of a large pecan tree). My dad (the best gardener I have every known) asked what kind they were...I told him that they were Fred's Tomatoes, he told me there weren't any tomatoes called that (he kept up with all the new varieties coming out of Tx A&M). So, I explained what happened. Needless to say, as long as we had Fred (about 3 years), each year, we had great, big, red tasty tomatoes!