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Re: Rabbit Manure in the Garden

Rabbits are grazers and eat constantly a little and often, because their digestive process is very different to most animals such as as scavengers and hunters. A rabbits digestive system is only able to gain a certain benefit from the nutritional value of what it eats per hour, the rest is pooped out into its pellets. This is same for Deer, mice, hamsters and most vegetarian animals that produce pellets as they also eat, and in turn poo often, leaving what many survivalists have come to call natures vitamins.

They can be brewed in a tea if dried out sufficiently or if fresh eaten straight from the ground, they still taste like poo but in an emergency or as a go go supplement taken in the morning they can be used to great effect. I do not recommend eating poo, it does taste bad and all meat eaters poo contains dangerous bacteria that can lead to serious illness. So if you don't know what it is or simply don't like eating poo, leave it alone.

I checked this post as I am thinking about adding wabbit pellets directly onto my veg patch and was worried about any possible scorching effects that anyone may have had.

If you live near some woodland you can collect bunny poo fairly easily as they tend to poo in the same locations which is very, err sophisticated of them i suppose.

Anyway due to their high nutritional value they sound like a tasty addition to any veg plot.