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Re: DIY Raised Bed (Removable) Pest Gate

To sha45pc, Here's the design I used, based on on another popular gardening magazine's step-by-step instructions for a 4'X8' raised bed:
1) To hold hoops for bird netting or row covers, attach four 12-inch pieces of 1-inch PVC pipe inside the bed: On the long sides, space pipes 4 feet apart, 2 feet from each end; screw on two tube straps to secure each pipe.
2)To cover newly planted seedlings with bird netting or season-extending row covers, simply bend two 6-foot pieces of ½-inch PVC pipe to form semi-circles, and slip their ends into the 1-inch pipes inside the bed.
3)Then drape the bird netting or row covers over them.
I have only done step 1, since I am hoping not to have critter problems, but wanted to be prepared in case. Would seem much easier to install the PVC housing inside/attached to the bed BEFORE filling with soil, yes?!