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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

SuperSweet 100, WOW! - This is the first year I've grown this one. It won't be the last. Easily produced were 1500, plus, cherry sized, very sweet and tasty, round red tomatoes per plant. They are excellent quality and have held up well in refrigeration.

This variety does require staking as it will take up a lot of space if allowed to creep along the ground. It's a very viney indeterminate variety that will overgrow other nearby tomato plants if given the opportunity. Keep them growing vertically and your in good shape.

They're steady producers with only a brief slowdown in midsummer. Stacks of tomatoes. If you only grow one small muncher, I gotta recommend this one.

As a bonus, they're supposed to contain more Vitamin C than any other tomato variety.