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Re: QUESTION: Tomatoes not producing

Tomatoes often don't set fruit (even when blossoms are present) when daytime temperatures are above 85-90 degrees. Gently shaking the plants every day (mornings preferred) can help distribute the pollen and fertilize the blossoms if your daytime high temperatures are less than 85 to 90 degrees.

If your temps are too high, don't despair! Keep watering, weeding, mulching, fertilizing and shaking your tomato plants, and when the temps drop in the fall, they'll probably set plenty of tomatoes which you can pick before frost, wrap individually in newspaper, and enjoy well into December or January!

Re: QUESTION: Why are cucumbers so bitter?

Cucumbers may be bitter because of a lack of water at some point in their growth. Try this tip: Cut cucumbers in half and firmly press and rub the cut ends on a plate for about 15 seconds. Cut about 1/4" off the ends you rubbed and rinse the plate. This should draw the bitterness out of the cucumber. The rest of it should be tasty. Good luck!