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Re: 'Tomaccio' Tomatoes Are All Dried Up

So sorry, I forgot to give you the sites. Here they are: or

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Re: 'Tomaccio' Tomatoes Are All Dried Up

I have three dehydrators because I dehydrate a lot for gifts. If you do not rush & just allow the dehydrator to do its thing, small tomatoes will dry like cheeries or blueberries. Blueberries are loaded with juice but I do not poke it, I just let it be & eventually it comes out so beautifully. I even put it in empty supplement bottles & ship it all over the US & inclouding to Ponape where my girlfriend teaches. I have done cherry tomatoes before & it turned out fine. My girlfriend just sent me an article about Tomaccio & this year I will try to plant it. If you wish to know more here are two sites to look at, which might help you.