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Re: Planning Your First Vegetable Garden

For the first time I have a real yard to plant vegetables and herbs. I have been previously restricted to a few pots on an apartment patio. So, I am very excited, but I feel overwhelmed by the backyard and where to start. I have chosen a spot, about 20x20 in my backyard, and decided on raised beds. One remaining question is the visual of the area from my patio and deck. I really like growing my tomatoes upside down in 5 gallon buckets. I get great results and never have had to use pesticides or had any mold, fungus, or other troubles since the tomato vines are off the ground completely.

I am tempted to continue to grow my tomatoes in this manner, should I or is there advantages to growing them in the ground? Either way, I am concerned about the visual effect and should they be planted in the northern, southern, eastern or western section of my garden? I was thinking the west side, to get the most sun and create the least shade for other plants (since these will be the tallest plantings I will have).

Can you help me with tomato questions?
1) to hang or not to hang
2) where to plant them

Thank you!