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Re: The Tomato Dilemma: What kinds should I plant?

I agree with you that tomato size and variety need to fit the growing space. I grow small fruit and large fruit tomatoes in a 4 x 8ft raised bed and in larger than 18 inch diameter pots (root systems can get extensive.) Ok, I'm a curious gardener who likes to experiment. I prefer vine (long/tall) indeterminant types. And they do get tall with a strong support (as they are supposed to do.) My favorites are Isis Candy; a red ball of sweetness with a yellow starburst on the bottom that has grown 7ft tall, Yellow Pear; with great tomato flavor that my Gramma introduced to me that has grown 6ft tall, and SunGold a very sweet golden ball that grew 6ft tall. My caged beauties were covered with fruit giving a good crop that year. All in pots. This year I'm adding Black Cherry to the bunch; all from seed. Multicolor salads again this year. Yahoo!