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Re: DIY Food Scrap Digester/Composter

I think I have maggots in my composter. There are hundreds of little creatures moving throughout all of the compost that look like grubs. They are about an inch long and as fat as a pencil. There are also lots of 1-inch red worms about as thick as a pencil lead. I live just north of Dallas, Texas. I constructed the composter in mid-June. Despite feeding it regularly there has been no sign of life until last week. I assumed that the one-hundred degree plus in the shade daily temperature was responsible for the worms ignoring my composter. Then last weekend I noticed the grub-like worms. I found pictures of maggots on the web that look very similar to my grub-like worms. What should I do? Should I send the composter contents to the organic waste recycle (city compost site)?