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Re: Growing Potatoes in a Laundry Basket

Would someone please educate me on "seed potatoes", and if it 100% necessary. I live in Phoenix Arizona and can't wait to plant this February. Any tips on which kind of potato grows best?? Do you really think an Idaho potato knows where it if we don't tell it????? Shhhhh I'll let you know!

Re: Make Your Own Tumbler Compost Bin

PhoenixAndromeda - Would like your comments on compost-bin- building-101 since you live in Phoenix and know what the summers are like? Thanx "JIM"

Re: strawberries

Does anyone know what type of "brand" of strawberries to plant in Phoenix Ariz. Container gardening with proven results. Nurseries seem to just guess.

Re: Folia - Your Garden Tracking Partner

This journal idea sounds great for people who are skilled with pen, paper, keyboard and writing abilities. Then there's Jim, you know the "hunt and peck" typist ummm , what do I say, does that sound right? I have a better idea, I call someone , they write the journal, we all read and enjoy.