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This picture is an example of the project I referenced in my comment for the article DIY Raised Bed Trellis

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Re: DIY Raised Bed Trellis

I made the same type of frames using 2x2 and 1x2 and some 4' wide 2x3 green coated wire fencing. I first made the frame 4' wide using the 2x2 and some angle brackets. Then I laid the 4' wide wire fencing over the frame. It fit flush to the outside edge of the frame. Next I laid the 1x2 over the fencing and sandwiched it all together with some 2" exterior screws in pre-drilled holes through the 1x2s into the 2x2s. They've been together now for about 10 years and used for cucumbers, pole beans and even espalier of a sungold cherry tomato. I even made an extra frame 4'x4'that I attached to the top of the one used for pole beans and diagonally braced it to the uprights at the four corners with 2' pieces of 2x2 to make the T shaped trellis to grow the pole beans on. Then you can just walk under and pick away both in front of you and right over your head.