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Re: Plano Victory Garden - Spring 2011

Thanks Greg,

Very informative info. Drip irrigtaion is great but you have to keep an eye on it. One broken hose and you don't get enough pressure to the other drippers and in hot weather it is a death sentence.

I must have 2400 ft of 1/2 inch in my flower beds. I have 3 six circuit timers, 4sets of valves (20 total valves for the beds, lawn and trees) with 3 circuits in each bed thatare set for different watering schedules, plus there are 2 sets of those 3 lines in each flowerbed. The beds are about 12 feet wide and I thought it would be better to have the 1/2 tubing running down each side to avoid tripping over a bunch of long 1/4 inch hoses running from a single set. I have over 400 linear feet of flower beds that are from 5 to 15 feet wide. I created a monster. I also have ornamental trees on timers with basins and bubblers. And that doesn't count my vegi garden I am starting.

My ornamental garden is looking really poor due to health issues and the gophers having at it. I have been down with a bad hip and back for about 5 years and the garden has suffered greatly. It takes a lot of work to maintain all of that. I just had 1 hip replaced in October and low back surgery in July so I am ready to get going again. The raised vegi beds are a monument to my return! Yikes!!!

Have you ever used the 1/4 soaker hose around plants that need more water. I use long lengths of it in my Iris beds and they work great. I get about 2 years out of them before they clog up or deteriorate. On individual plants I use a loop about 12 inches in diameter. It propbably drips 3 gallons per hour. I was thinkng about using something like that around my tomato plants. I want to avoid getting the leaves wet. What do you think about that? Are you using what they call flag sprayers? They are adjustable.

Have you tried any lettuce or is it too hot where you live?

Do you have any fruit trees If so, what do you use for irrigation? The nursery here plants his fruit trees on mounds of soil about 12 inches high and 36 inches in diameter and uses drip irrigation with multiple drippers. It must work pretty good as his trees look great with lots of fruit.

Right now I am battling a "Pesky Wabbit!" The little sucker is munching my strawberry plants. I was reading about using a deterrent that is a combination of coyote and bobcat urine. So I decided to leave a little of my own near the plants and guess what... no more rabbit damage. I must have some coyote in me! Ha Ha.


Re: Plano Victory Garden - Spring 2011

Hi Greg, Very nice garden. I was woindering if yuou use a drip system to water or ? I am building raised beds due to gopher problems and just bad soil. It will have 2 rows of concrete block and then a 2x12 to extend it to 27 inches deep. I am using construction cloth (wire mesh) to keep the gophers out. I am asking about drip because I am in central California where we must irrigate. I was planning on having 3 different legs of the drip system system (different watering schedules) due to different plant needs. I already have the systems set up in my ornamental garden so I just need to run some extra drip tubing. It gets very hot and dry here in the summer and irrigation is a must. Any pointers on watering for different plant needs? Thanks