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Starting a worm farm

  Starting a worm farm is not a difficult task at all!   Follow the instructions below and enjoy the great benefits of running a worm farm!       Starting a worm farm to convert organic waste...

How to brew "Worm tea" at home

Everyone involved in worm farming will sooner or later hear about worm tea. Worm tea is a fantastic soil conditioner and plant food that can as well be used as a foliar spray to act as a natural...

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Re: How to brew "Worm tea" at home

Hello Doccat!

thank you for your comment it really sounds great!

Enjoy your composting!

Re: How to Start a Worm Farm

Hello Jodi,

thank you for the great information and descriptions.

I made a home build worm tower as well and it is working very well. You can find the instructions and photos of it on the following website.


There are as well answers to all questions beginners to worm composting might have.

For those who want recycle organic waste with worms but don't want to spend any money at all here is a link to the possibly cheapest worm farms in the world! They are fully functional and have been working for me for more than 1 year now!

Here's the link.


Good luck to all friends of worm composting!

Kind regards