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Re: 3 Ways I Use Kitchen Scraps to Reduce Food Waste

Egg shells should be added to the compost whenever!

Re: How Redworms Reproduce

Yeah? That's nice but did you know that earthworms are often found in neglected rain gutters? The debris that decay there are a perfect environment for them but question is how earthworms get up your rain gutter?

Re: 15 Reasons Why You Should Plant Herbs this Year

haha great article, but I don't really need reasons to plant them, they are a must! Good work, Chris!

Re: 10 Fascinating Facts About Honey Bees

It's really sad that lately thanks to the global warming these little guys' populations have decreased significantly. The non-consistent weather and temperature fluctuations mess up with the flowers/trees' blooming clocks and the blooms die even before the bees had the chance to pollinate them and eventually get the benefit from it. Can't believe there are still people that live in denial about global warming.

Re: Tangy Garden Pasta Salad

DOes this taste as magnificent as it looks? I use to experiment with flower salads where I used to collect info about edible flower petals and stems, grow them and when conjuring the final dish eventually add some cucumbers, say. Was a good experiment in the name of the gastronomical science!

Re: 9 Tips for Growing Vegetables in Window Boxes

This is a trend in the UK right now.

Re: Easy-to-Make Holiday Gifts from Your Garden

A particularly useful post. But question is - what do you surprise a fellow gardener with? :D

Re: When to Harvest Vegetables

Pfft, super useful list to gardening beginners. But if you want to be smart about it, do the hydroponics! Harvest whenever !

Re: How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin

Not long ago I read they broke another huge record. What happens to these monsters anyway?

Re: 8 Reasons to Plant Vegetable Starts Instead of Seeds

I've always did it this way in my little urban balcony garden. Leeks, onions... You can even grow a bloody pineapple this way. Easy peasy!