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Re: How to Grow Herb Fennel

Mr. Yeoman,
I live in Las Vegas and have a 2-tiered brick planting area running along a tall border fence on the Nth side of my home with the top tier portion only being 9" wide (there is no brick base however so roots of plantings can go deep). I have been scratching my head as to what to plant in that narrow tier to hide the fence and was thinking perhaps herb fennel could work. I would then plant smaller bushes and/or perennials in the lower 2' tier (making further access to it after planting somewhat difficult). Do you think fennel would still work? In your most informative article you state that it will spread 4-5' wide over a number of years. What do you think will happen to its growth pattern if planted in such an narrow area? Do you think it will just spread out from side to side to compensate for the inability to grow front and back? Will it lose an upright appearance and droop forward over the plants below? Will my inability to easily access it be an issue? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!