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Re: Build Your Own Raised Beds

when i built my above ground gardens (2) i put 4x4 posts on each corner and 1 on each side and they were screwed in from the inside of the box. they are 16 inches high off the ground. the bottom of beds were covered with cedar wood, same as the beds were made of and holes were drilled in the wood on bottom of beds for drainage. also, i filled the bottom of the beds with plastic bottles with the lids on. if using beer cans, lay them flat along side each other. this helps so that you do not have to "fill" the beds with so much soil.

i put bottles down, then a layer of leaves and then 2 bags of garden soil, 2 bags of cow manure and another 2 bags of garden soil. this was enough to fill a bed 4 feet long by 2 feet and 2 feet deep. the soil will need to be stirred up and added to each season before planting again.

after the growing season, i put a layer of leaves on the soil and mix it up to help fertilize the soil over the winter months. i live in wisconsin and the snow covering the leaves helps to keep them in and also keeps moisture so the leaves will deteriorate. save your water bottles and lids or any plastic jar with a lid. have any question? i'll try and answer them for you.