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Re: QUESTION: Using a compost tumbler in cold weather

Hi, I just saw your comment about starting germinating seeds under lights. I did this several years and enjoyed it greatly. It's a thrill to recognize the plants by their first leaves.
Two things are important to your success: 1)pay attention to the days it will take for the seeds to germinate. 2)Follow instructions on whether a seed needs light to germinate. The smaller seeds can be set on the surface and covered with a sprinkling of sand.
Be meticulous about labeling, too.

I only have experience with flowering plants so I can't speak about vegetables but it's good to know how long you'll have to wait for seeds to sprout.

I have also done a mini-hothouse treatment which always works: put a few seeds in a moist paper towel, fold it and seal it in a sandwich bag. Place it in a foam carton on top of the refrigerator or any other warm place. In a week or so you'll have sprouted seeds which you can then put in soil. It's fun to be able to see the seeds as they begin to sprout.

Now I only start sunflowers and Cosmo from seed because I must have these plants, and I can get just what I want.

Good luck!