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Re: 5 Things to Do With All Those Fall Leaves

My neighbors know to save their leaves for me! I much with them. My soil is so humus and full organic material

Re: How to Control Voles in Your Garden

Here in Raleigh, NC voles love hostas, clematis, and cast iron plants. I have found that spraying deer/rabbit deterents work, as well as, just a mix of hot pepper or tobasco sause. I have given up on hostas because nothing stops them from eatting then. I have notice and increase of snakes in the yard the past few seasons and they have helped control the vole population, too.

Re: Should Weeds Be Added to the Compost Pile?

In general, yes. You do want to make sure there are no seed on the weeds and that the roots chopped up or dead so you do not have then growning in your compost pile!