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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I am in zone 4/5 Omaha, NE.
This was my first vegetable garden and I grew four tomato plants:
Pink Lady
Cherry 100
Lemon Boy
Cherokee Purple

All of my plants have produced well and continue to grow. I didn't prune the plants at all and none of my supports were adequate to the task of containg and supporting the full plant. I will know better next year.
My Pink Ladies grew and ripened pretty much all at once and then had a revival and are now ripening here and there again to keep me in stock. Love this tomato.
My cherry 100 took over the world - literally engulfed a quarter of my 375 sp ft garden this year. The first growth of tomatoes tasted much better than the newer tomatoes, but I liked that these were ready before my larger tomatoes were ripened.
My lemon boy was a sprawl of vines and fruit and more a novelty of color for me than a spectacular tomato.
My cherokee tomato was AWESOME. It is an heirloom and i love the taste and the look of the fruit. I have never seen a more beautiful tomato in my life. However, it takes diligence in picking to get this fruit at its optimum. It is not a hardy tomato and I would say at least half went straight to my compost pile because they were overripe by the time i got to them. However, I will definately plant again next year if I can find a transplant and look forward to branching out into more heirloom varieties.