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Re: Fall Leaves Make a Great Garden Mulch

I use the lawnmower as a vacuum cleaner and then till the leaves and grass into the ground in the fall. Come spring it is all decomposed and again gets tilled. As for weed control in the garden (vegetable),during the summer, I use the grass clippings ( I do not use weed and feed or any other chemical either than lime pellets in the lawn) in between the plants which keeps them moist, warm and weed free. Come harvest time it all goes under again. I till (roto till) the leaves as it seems to mix it up for better easier composting.

Re: QUESTION: Squirrels in the garden and bird feeder invaders

cats also like squirrels. Try not to be too friendly with them as they will nest inside your house and make a mess, they will chew through your feeders (rendering them useless) and dig around your foundation (looking for a quick way in). For me they are cute to look at but they are still tree rats.