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Organically Grown Foods: Our Only Hope

Organically Grown Foods: Our Only HopeWith all of the unknowns in both our agricultural and post harvested food processing before we make the final purchase at the supermarket, sometimes the foods we...

Growing Vegetables and Herbs Indoors

  Growing Vegetables and Herbs IndoorsHow to Grow Herbs IndoorsIf you live in a northern climate where the growing season is short, it might be to your advantage to move your garden indoors...

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Re: How Do You Choose Which Tomato Varieties to Grow?

Love tomatoes mostly when organically grown. I have been growing tomatoes indoors recently. Being retired we don't need much of a harvest but it is year round and no bugs.

Re: QUESTION: Fishy Fertilizers - Is Mercury a Concern?

Very good point. Research shows that the mercury content of fish today is no greater than it was 100 years ago.