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mandala garden

these pics are of my first garden in 2013. 2014 will sport a mandala  I will be taking down my pool and deck in order to build more garden, a mandala garden. This is my 2nd year gardening. Ive...

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Re: Build An Outdoor Bokashi & Worm Composting Bin

leaving the lid cracked a bit...i'd be worried about black soldier flies overtaking. Scared me first time i encountered larvae from black soldier flies that took over my worm bin.

Re: Build An Outdoor Bokashi & Worm Composting Bin

I like the idea. have been thinking of a way to do such. My concern is losing out on the leachate / liquid to fertilize or water plants with. How could I create a funnel to capture the liquid w it underground...maybe bury on a hill with the funnel or spigget coming out the front on the downhill side...? tilt the box slightly ...?