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Re: Grafted Tomato Trials Set to Begin

I tried grafted tomatoes last year. They were not successful for me. The yield I got was about the same or maybe even a bit less than I have gotten with ungrafted tomatoes. I don't have a lot of trouble with diseases so I can't really comment on that aspect. I got my grafted tomatoes from a mail order place. The graft was right at the soil line and the instructions that came with them instructed me not to bury the graft (i.e. avoid giving the scion a chance to grow roots). As a result the root ball I got with the grafted tomatoes was not any bigger than I am able to produce by trenching ungrafted tomatoes. Maybe grafting would be more successful if the scion was grafted higher on the plant so that the rootstock could be treated in such a way to grow more roots.

Good luck with your trials. I'll be interested to see your results.