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The corn experiment

After seeing the post on planting corn on this site I had decided to try it and see what happened. As you can see it has worked as advertised, there are around 150 corn stalks in a 4x8 box and the...

Raised Beds in Seattle

When I had to have my drain field relocated I decided to utilize the area with a raised bed garden. That was almost four years ago and the garden is thriving..

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Re: Video: Make Pots from Recycled Newspaper!

I think this is a great idea, so I put some together for my cucumber and pepper plants. I found that there wasn't a need for any tape on the bottom because when the paper got wet it stayed put. I found the easy way to hold everything together was to put a staple on the sides at the seam, one close to the top and one at the bottom.

Great idea!

Re: The corn experiment

The inside pipe is 3/4" the bows are 1/2", for more information see the comments in the third piture.

Re: Soil in the Southwest

Looks like you have really got it going, the plants look great. I live in Washington state and we as well have clay, rocks and acidic soil so it takes bags and bags of amendments. This year I have started to use my office shreader, shreading my old news papers and adding them to my soil. So far it's working real well to add some carbon to the soil, better to recycle than the landfill.
Be careful, once you start you wont be able to quit.