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Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

Best large tomato is Big Rainbow. It is very sweet and the appearance of this tomato is just fantastic when sliced. A real palate pleasing conversation piece!
Best Cherry Tomato is Sugary. It has a very high Brix rating (9 I think) and is very prolific.
Most flavorful is Big Rainbow (see above). I'm also partial to the flavor of Black Prince. It has a nice fruity complexity to it.

Re: QUESTION: Getting rid of ground squirrels?

Cats work the best for me!

Re: Pinetree Garden Seeds

Pinetree is hands down, in my opinion, the best place to purchase herb seeds. Other than the strawberry spinach and some celery (probably my fault not the seed), I have never had a problem with anything they sell. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from them as they are an awesome company!

Re: Gurney's Seed & Nursery Catalog

While Gurney's sells good seed, I would not purchase plants from them. I've tried for a couple of years now and have had to have every plant replaced and the replacements are not any better. I don't know if it is necessarily the fault or quality of Gurney's plants or their shipper. Some of the plants had clearly been frozen.

Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I live in Michigan, zone 5B and we had hot and humid weather with a LOT of rain. My tomatoes grew so fast that a lot of them cracked and spoiled before I could get to them. The cracked tomatoes seemed to draw small sparrows and house finches to them and they also enhanced the spoilage by pecking the tomatoes! Never had that happen before. But then came the rainbow..."Big Rainbow" that is. This is by far the best tomato I have ever tasted! It is sweet beyond all imagination. I love this tomato and will definitely buy it again next year! Also for canning/paste tomatoes, I love the "Big Mama" they are absolutely huge! If you want a lot of tomatoes, plant "Health Kick" they are great for canning also and EXTREMELY prolific!

Re: A Stir-Fry Garden

I use chicken, flat pod green beans, summer squash or zuchinni, sweet peppers, yellow cauliflower or cabbage, carrots, a pinch of ginger, and soy sauce to taste. Yummy! The thing to remember is "anything goes" when it comes to a garden stir-fry. Love the tatsoi or bok choy suggestion, I think I'll grow some next year!