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Re: Zuchinni Galore

Your zucchini plant looks great,compare to mine zucchini & yellow squash plants. I planted them in mid-July. Didn't get back from a business trip, until late June. Was so busy at work, didn't have time to start seedling. I just put the seeds into the dirt. Will have better luck next time. Where I live in San Diego, I can grow all year long.

Re: Peach Skillet Cake

Can't keep a fresh in the house with 3 grandkids!!! So, what a treat this will be for them. Will suriprise them when they are all back in school.

Re: Garlic and Chile Insecticidal Soap Spray

Can you use thid spray rosebushes? Going to make this spray for a miniature lime tree, that's is infested w/ aphids.

Re: QUESTION: My tomato plant is not producing fruit

Try asking at your local nursey or garden center. I llive in San Diego, can grow about anything. At the end of growing season, I recondition the soil, by mulching & composting. Here we get to grow all year long. Hope this is helpful.