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Running Okra (angel luffa)

This is an old concrete culvert.  It has running okra growing in it in late 2011.  This is also known as Angel luffa.

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Re: Canning Tomatoes, Step by Step

I am a visual learner and your demo and photos are just fabulous. Mabe you could make a video sometime. I will definetly try my hand again at tomatoes. Question.....can you also make marinara sauce and can it the same way? Thanks again for going to the trouble to take all the photos because it truly helps

Re: Video: Make a Straw-Bale Garden Bed

I am so glad to find this web site. I am going to try the straw bale gardening this year. I noticed that several people were intent on using rice there some reason for this. I go to the CoOp and purchase wheat straw bales to use in my chicken house so I was going to use this ok?