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Secrets of a Low-Maintenance Vegetable Garden

I'm on the road to mastering the light-touch veggie garden. With a new baby in my life, time is extremely limited so I took a new tact this summer. The keys to limiting time in the garden seem to be...

QUESTION: Zucchini Pests: Help! What Are They and How to I Kill Them?

I'm so depressed. Every year mid-summer, pests swarm my community garden and kill every zucchini/squash plant in sight. Can you please help me name these bugs and get strategies to fight them in the...

Grandma's Rhubarb Jam Recipe: Quick and Easy

A delicious and quick-to-make rhubarb jam recipe.

Jersey Tomatoes: Ramapo and Rutgers

New Jersey is famous (notorious) for many things and one of those is tomatoes. An article in the New York Times, The Return of a Lost Jersey Tomato, caught my imagination a while back and inspired me...

The Tomato Dilemma: What kinds should I plant?

If you're just starting out as a vegetable gardner, the countless tomato types available is overwhelming. How do you know what to plant? What's right for your garden space? What's right for your...

The Ultimate Tomato Trellis

Last year I watched an eye-opening video about pruning tomatoes--getting them to grow high not wide. This encourages air circulation to avoid disease. It also keeps the fruit off the ground. My...

Veggie Gardener: Season Two

A new gardener from Connecticut embarks on her second season.

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Re: How to Grow Asparagus

Very timely article. I planted my first crowns last year. Good to know that I could potentially harvest a bit this year "gardeners can harvest for about two weeks during the first season, a year after planting. A light harvest seems to stimulate the plant to produce more spears. A full six-week harvest season may follow in year two, provided the average size of the spears is larger than a pencil."

Even though the asparagus took up a lot of space in the garden last year and I didn't get to eat anything, the fern-like fronds were beautiful--especially when red berries emerged late in the season. The unique-looking plants drew many comments and questions from fellow gardeners in my community garden.

Re: The Tomato Dilemma: What kinds should I plant?

Yeah, thanks Ruth for promoting this. It is that time of year again to figure out what kind of tomatoes to plant...

This year I'll probably try black krim based on Meyesa's recommendation. And I might give Early girl a shot too.

Based on success from previous years, I'll try “Rose” again (recommended by Fine Gardening’s Danielle Sherry--it was a late bloomer but very viney and interesting) and Ramapo and of course Sun Gold--those cherry tomatoes are amazing. I'll probably try a Carmelo and Celebrity for the beefsteaks.

If I do containers, I'll do window box roma and new yorker again.

Vegetable Gardener’s Ruth Dobsevage always seems to be a fan of the reliable Juliette so that might be a good one to plant.

I will not, however plant yellow pear, green zebra, isis candy, or Principe Borghese. I just didn't have much luck with these. :(

If people have other recommendations, I'm anxious to hear them!

Re: A Stir-Fry Garden

I haven't had much luck with bok choy/tatsoi. Any suggestions? The pests in my garden love it and it gets chewed up in a hurry. :( Or, if it's not the pests, it bolts! Maybe I'm planting it too late.

Any suggestions on best time to plant and best varieties.

Re: QUESTION: Dimple rot spots on tomatoes

I second Grandma890's question... so the brown leaves sound like a fungus problem?

Re: QUESTION: Zucchini Pests: Help! What Are They and How to I Kill Them?

Thanks Scott. Those look like the culprits.

I got a picture of one of the other pests eating my plants. I'll have to upload it later today to see if anyone can ID it as well. Thanks, Gina

Re: Sow a Little Love for Fall

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't had much success with carrots... maybe this type will be more rewarding.

Re: Plant Garlic as a Fall Crop

Good tips. I'm planting garlic for the first time this year. I just saw that they sprouted today. Good to know that's okay!

Re: Northeast Tomato Plants Struck by Blight and More

I only have one plant that's having trouble. (Famous last words?) but I don't know if it's blight or just a sad plant??? I didn't see any big black legions... But it IS defoliated now...

But my tomatoes don't look like this though:

Cornell has a factsheet on this disease too:

Re: My first garden

Yikes! That's huge!