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Re: A vegetable garden a rabbit can love

How about Kale for winter? It seems squirrelies like it so I'm planning to plant some beyond my fence for next year. I hope bunnies enjoy them also. I know you guys also like Jerusalem artichokes. Just have to ask to please let the service berries bushes get bigger before you have them for lunch and maybe we'll both get berries.

Re: 20 Ways You Know You Are Addicted to Vegetable Gardening

To expand on number three: you know you are addicted when everyone in the Walmart garden department knows you by first name and recognize your voice on the phone.

Re: Outstanding Oreganos and Mild-Mannered Marjoram

The oregano in my front yard here in Minnesota zone 3b is growing wild. I wanted just one plant but then I noticed the bumble bees and other natives love it. I will be moving seedlings to my backyard close to the fruit and vegetable areas because you can never have too many bees.

Re: Cute Plant Names

Yes, it's not really cute but:
I just purchased some pepper seeds because the pepper is named Carmen, which happens to be my name. I sell at a farmer's market sometimes and can't wait until someone asks me which peppers they are.