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Re: Try Soil Bag Planting for No-Dig Beds

I love this idea! I had my first garden last year (just a small patch in the yard that my husband gave up so I could grow some tomatoes, green onions, lettuce & parsley. It was pretty much a disaster. While we were digging up the area, my husband came across a 5 gallon bucket that had been filled with cement with a metal pipe in the middle of it. We bought this house from his ex-wife and she had the tendency to bury things, such as the large above-ground pool, pieces of black top and obviously, this cement filled bucket, among other things. The soil wasn't the most nutrient-filled, so we bought about 10 bags of good planting soil from our local nursery to made a good solid bed for the plantings. We bought nice healthy tomato plants, green onions, lettuce & parsley and had high hopes for all of them. We were able to enjoy all but the tomatoes. The plants started off very well. We had bought so many starters that we ended up giving about 5 of them away to a friend of ours. I tended to my garden diligently and all seemed to be going well. The tomato plants were flowering like crazy and then the fruit started to emerge. When the plants reached about 2 feet high, that's when the trouble started. The new leaves would come in all curled up and gnarly looking. Of course, I took pictures and posted them online and got so many different answers, which only added to my confusion. We tried many different remedies that were recommended by the 'professionals' at our local nursery, but none worked. We ended up with about 5 tomatoes (and not very good or large ones either). We had 10 tomato plants, so that's not a good ratio. What made it even worse was the fact that the 5 we'd given away to our friend, who did nothing but throw the plants into a hole in the ground, had tons of tomatoes and his plants looked gorgeous! I'm not sure what happened, if we did something drastically wrong, or if the soil wasn't good, etc. I've been contemplating not even having a garden this year, but this idea of planting directly into the bag of soil has made up my mind...I'm going to try it. Hopefully, we'll have an abundance of tomatoes this year!

Thanks for sharing and keep these fresh new ideas coming!

(Sorry my post is so long)