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Re: How to brew "Worm tea" at home

I read this with great interest. However, we use a somewhat simpler method to make our worm tea. Since we use both EM-1 and Bokashi juice in our worm feed, there are plenty of microorganisms already present in our worm castings. So we use about 5 cups of worm casting in a clean knee high, tie off the top and add it to a 5 gallon bucket of well water. Allow it to steep until the tea is a nice dark brown. Remove the knee high, those casting get dumped out into the compost bin. We then use the worm tea to spray our plants and veggies. Worms are the most amazing little critters! We love em!

Re: Planning Your First Vegetable Garden

Continue to hang your tomatoes. Use the space for other things. Good luck. I'm going to try this method this year with a couple of plants. I'm intrigued with the whole idea.