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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I had 5 tomato plants this year, all new-to-me varieties. It was also the first year in many that I was gardening in MN, just outside Minneapolis.
Roma - fruits rather tasteless, and severely affected by fungal disease late in season. Prolific.
Green Zebra - VERY prolific, good tart taste and firm texture, pretty good disease resistance.
Red Brandywine - disappointing - fruit lacked flavor and was mealy, lots of cracking/cat-facing on stem end. Disease resistance was good until end of season and then everything, including fruit badly affected.
Pink German Johnson - surprising. Had very late start, but good finish. Fruits were best of the garden, sweet and juicy with firmness - only slightly affected by disease, and were the least affected fruit-wise.
Jaune Flammee - very early and productive. First affected by fungal disease. flavor was good - sweet and juicy.