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Re: How to Dry Herbs

While using string to tie up herbs is attractive, it's a pain to do and doesn't work for drying only the tips of herbs or just the flowers (as with calendula, red clover and bee balm). I prefer to loosly stuff the herbs in net bags to dry them. Easy and effective.

I save all the various plastic net bags that produce comes in during the winter and take them out to the garden or field with me when it's time to collect herbs. The cut plants can go directly into the bags. It's nice to have a variety of sizes and weaves so you can choose what might work best for the size, shape and quantity of plants your are drying.

Fill them with herbs without stuffing and hang them up or set on racks. Check the second day or so to make sure clumps haven't formed and to shift the contents so all surfaces dry evenly.

If I hadn't learned the net bag method, there's no way I would be drying so many of my own herbs!