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Re: DIY Food Scrap Digester/Composter

Funny, I created this exact composter, but for dog waste. I bought a five-gallon metal waste basket with a lid, drilled the holes into it, buried it and started adding poo. Unfortunately, now it's full and I'm thinking of burying a second one next to it. I also didn't add soil as I went along so I think maybe there weren't enough microbes working on mine. We'll see what happens with #2 (please pardon the pun).

Re: Containing Potatoes

Great ideas!

I used the big giant burlap coffee bags that coffee houses get their fresh beans in - my local coffeeshop will give me as many as I need for free in exchange for some fresh potatoes.

I start out with the bags rolled down and add straw and unroll the bag as the plants grow. By harvest time, the bottom of the bag rots out and the potatoes can be found at the bottom. They're so easy to harvest this way - and I just take the burlap bag full of half-composted straw and worms and use it as mulch under my tomato plants for rotation!

I have pics if anyone's interested in seeing!