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Re: Growing Lacinato "Dinosaur" Kale

I saw this kale about 15 years ago planted in pots in a park in Paris/France and loved it's ornamental appeal. It took me years to find out what I was looking at until I visited the Montreal Bot. Gardens and there it was, a whole bed right after the entrance, and, thank you stuff, it was labeled. I then looked for seeds and grow it in my yard, it was quite a conversation piece.

Re: Grasscycle, Compost, and Mulch with Grass Clippings

adjust the blades on your lawn mower to 1/3 inch????? NO!! I think you wanted to say 3", research suggests that you should not cut the lawn any shorter than 3" and yes, let the clippings fall, they dry up in no time and add nutrients to the soil and therefor cut down on the need for fertilizer. I wish lawn mower companies would no longer offer the bag with the purchase of a new mower to break the habit of catching the clippings.

Re: Round Those Leaves Up, Y'all

great suggestion,I have also to pick up leaves from neighbors. However, chicken wire and hardware cloth are two different types of fencing, the 1st is not very strong and hardware cloth comes with different sized 'holes'and is much stronger and more expensive.