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Garden 2013-August 9 Update

Everything in the garden and yard is still doing well.  All of the varieties of tomatoes, peppers and squash are thriving.  

Garden 2013-July 29th Update

The last couple of weeks have produced a LOT of sweet banana peppers, green bell peppers, and jalapenos.  We've had stuffed jalapenos on the grill, stir fry with fresh peppers, there are two large...

Garden 2013-July 3rd Update

We've had about 11 inches of rain here over the last four days.  Thankfully the sun is out today and the garden is looking good.   We added a 4 x 4 brick raised garden and extended my kitchen...

Garden 2013-June 30th Update

Garden is doing well so far.  The weather here in Southern Illinois has been very garden friendly.   Today I'm pickling some banana peppers and making pesto before heading out to work on the new 4...

Garden 2013-June 20th Update

June 20th Garden update... 8 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, 9 varieties of peppers, rosemary, basil and marigolds along the sides.

2013 Gardening Pics

These photo's were taken the first of May.  Looking out there now, I can't believe how much everything has grown already.  

recent comments

Re: Garden 2013-July 3rd Update

Thank you. We just bought this house last summer so this is my first garden here. It will continue to expand each year. :-)

Re: Tomato Cutting Continues to Grow

That is so cool. Be sure and post how many tomatoes you get and how well they taste. I'd love to try this.

Re: Raised Garden Started Mid-June 2013

Love it!

Re: A Garden Beautiful Enough to Eat!

What a great space. This is what we are slowly doing with our yard. Every year we try to add a little more edible landscaping.

Re: Who says your kitchen garden can't be beautiful?

Great article. We just moved to our new house last summer so this year is the first year for my kitchen garden. It is a work in progress and this article gave me a lot of ideas. Thank you for sharing it.