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Re: Winter Tomatoes?

I experiment every winter with different tomatoes. I start out my plant in a container that has holes and good drainage in the bottom, and, as the plant gets bigger when I think it might get root bound I fill a larger container with soil and just set it in. Then I put really tall stakes in the large container so they are all around the smaller inset, and I tie gaeden twine around the stakes to make a trellis.
I grow determinates indoors because they are more manageable.
I also grow the mini plants that are specific for container gardening like Big Green Dwarf. Or bush tomatoes.

Re: 'Tomaccio' Tomatoes Are All Dried Up

You can try it again and take out the pulp from the tomatoes, or try drying them longer and dry them outside. There are a lot of plans online for solar dehydrators you can make yourself. There are a few good books out there on preserving using dehydration:

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